About our Snowmobile safety training courses…

Our course content is designed by snowmobilers, for snowmobilers, following the British Columbia Snowmobile Federation, Canada Safety Council course guidelines. We’ve added extra content to the program based on genuine expertise, expanding the course to cover, how to get unstuck quickly and efficiently, common trail side repairs, basic avalanche skills and more. Our instructors have years of experience and skills, which are passed on to our students in a fun, efficient, and effective manner. The skills learned will save you time, money, effort and most importantly, will help keep you safe.
Our business is mobile, meaning we come to you. The benefit is training specific to your terrain and work place needs. Riding powder, no problem we show you how to get it done, towing heavy loads, no problem, we show you several towing techniques to keep you and your load safe. Even if you do not take our AST1 course, we will show you how to pick out avalanche paths and show you how to traverse them as safely as possible

The course consists of discussion lessons, riding lessons, course manual, written test, various safety information handouts, and optional: safe snowmobile operation DVD.

  • The discussion lessons, course manual, and handouts, provide discovery and discussion of the principles and practice of riding a snowmobile, prior to the implementation, as well as provide students an opportunity for review of skills obtained post training.
  • The riding lessons provide Hands-on practice of riding exercises under the supervision of a Certified Instructor. Instruction and observations are provided to encourage safe and proficient snowmobile operation.
  • Trail riding allows students to practice and hone the skills learned on the riding range, and put them to use in real world snowmobiling conditions similar to those they are likely encounter in the field.
Recertification Snowmobile Operator (RISSOT)
$670 + GST
  • 1 day course
  • CSC certified
  • rental snowmobile and avalanche safety gear available
  • See Details
CSC Snowmobile Operator Certification(ISSOT)
$670 + GST
  • 1 day course
  • Industrial Safe Snowmobile Operator
  • rental snowmobile and avalanche safety gear available
  • CSC Certification
  • See Details


  • Reduce your workplaces motorized back country risk situations
  • Increase participants skills, knowledge, safety and confidence
  • Decrease your snow equipment maintenance issues
  • Comply with WorkSafe BC part 16 Competency of Operator/Mobile equipment

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We offer on-site snowmobile safety training as well as safety assessments to address the safety requirements of your workplace setting.

We have partnered with Coquihalla Lakes Lodge to bring you a convenient and comfortable way to train your staff.

Coquihalla Lakes Lodge area offers simple to moderate terrain for snowmobile, tracked ATV, and Avalanche Skills Training. Allowing participants to advance their skills and grow in confidence. Comfortable cabins with sled/atv access and groomed trails makes for a convenient way to get the skills needed to stay safe at work.
This is a great team building experience for participants. The most successful, memorable team-building events are ones that don’t feel like a day at the office.