Avalanche Training For Sledders  (AST-1)

Don’t Let the many Avalanche Stories get in the way of your sledding enjoyment! Let us pass on our expert avalanche knowledge and sled experience, so worries won’t ruin your perfect day.

This course is designed by Avalanche Canada, specifically for sledders and customized by our many years of experience.

In Avalanche terrain, planning is key! You will gain the background, knowledge, and skills use the technology available to plan ahead, and be prepared.

You will learn to look critically at all of the winter landscape, looking for danger zones and safe spots

You will become fast and accurate with your beacon, probe and shovel. Practicing rescue skills in realistic scenarios with your buddies, and getting you primed for any situation.

We offer small group bookings for you and your sled partners.

Course Content:

  • Avalanche formation and release
  • Identify avalanche terrain
  • The basics of trip planning
  • Optimal use of tools and resources like the avalanche forecasts to mitigate your avalanche risk
  • Use appropriate travel techniques in avalanche terrain
  • Companion rescue skills
Avalanche Safety Training Level 1 (AST 1)
$365 +gst
  • 2 day course
  • Hands-on training
  • rental snowmobile and avalanche safety gear available

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BackCountry Snowmobile’s mobile service allows us to offer flexible Locations and Training Dates to meet your needs. Please contact us to set up training in a location and on a date that best meets the requirements of your workplace and employees.