November 18, 2016

“At this time I would like to thank Rob and Saari for the Industrial Safe Snowmobile Operator Training program we recently attended with Back Country Snowmobile. The course was very well outlined, and covered an extensive array of conditions and hazards that would be encounters during the course of a work or a recreational snowmobiling event. As a person who has never operated a snowmobile, I personally, came away from the course confident in my new abilities to manage and operate a snowmobile in all snow conditions. The avalanche awareness portion of the program was especially beneficial as avalanche conditions exist throughout this region and pose a serious threat to those unaware. Even our very experienced snowmobile operators, as students, took away new knowledge from the course. I would personally like to thank Rob and Saari for making the 2 days we spent in the mountains a very enjoyable experience. You both managed to maintain a serious learning environment that met the course objectives, and at the same were able to keep it a fun event had by all.”