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CAC Industrial Safe Snowmobile Operator Course: 1 day $670 + GST/participant
This course is suitable for participants who have some experience operating an ATV, UTV, snowmobile, or other off vehicle. This is a fast paced, information filled, program. snowmobile rental available

Safe operation of a snowmobile (how to safely get the most out of the machine, with the minimum amount of risk and effort).

Safety Gear
Rider Skills
Terrain assessment
Trail repairs, safe towing
Basic snowmobile mechanical operation and maintenance
Safe loading practices
Unstuck Maneuvers
CSC Snowmobile Operator Certification (ISSO)
$670 +GST
1 day course
Hands-on training
rental snowmobile and avalanche safety gear available
CSC Certification
The Safe Snowmobile Operator Certification course will consist of one 8 hour day.

Day 1:

Snowmobile Familiarization approx. 9 am to 4:30 pm
Training package handouts/paperwork
Recommended snowmobile/avalanche gear
Local snowmobile laws and regulations (BC)
Preventing the most common injures
Trail signals and safe trail techniques
Familiarization with snowmobile, controls and safety equipment
Pre ride inspection
Trouble shooting and repairs (includes belt, spark plug change and fluid levels)
Introduction to safe riding practices, riding positions and techniques
Basic terrain assessment (Recognizing dangers and avoiding them)
Start, warm-up, and stopping snowmobile, including emergency shutdown
Starting out moving forward and backward
Braking and emergency braking
Turns and figure eights
U turns
Riding up, over and down hills
How to efficiently and effectively get a snowmobile unstuck
Safe loading and unloading practices
Safe transport and securing of snowmobiles
Debrief with students
Snowmobile, Avalanche gear, Snow apparel required. Rental equipment available.

Students responsible for lunch/snacks/beverages.


Bookings are no longer available for this event.

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