ATV or UTV Safe Operator Training and Certification: Feb 28 2024 Canada Safety Council - Certified Instructor

Join our Canada Safety Council certified instructors in a hands-on, informative, and fun All Terrain and Utility Terrain Vehicle course designed to provide you with the confidence to tackle the back country. Our instructors have years Off-Road Vehicle operation, experience, and skills which are passed on to our students in a fun, efficient, and effective manner.


Time: 08:30 – 16:30

Focus: Theory and Practical Training

    • Introduction to  ATV/UTV training
    • Pre-drive inspection
    • Range signals, rules and warm up exercises
    • Controls
    • Starting out and stopping
    • Driving strategies
    • Driving circles and figure 8
    • Quick turns
    • Quick stops in a straight line
    • Emergency stops and avoidance
    • Driving over obstacles
    • Hauling cargo
    • Safe driving practices and environmental awareness
    • Focus: Skills Practice – trail drive
    • Loading and transporting
    • Wrap up and review

*Students are responsible for lunch and refreshments, warm clothing and personal protective gear and ATV/UTV in good mechanical order.

*Rental ATV/UTV available upon request

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